Artist Statement

I love making things and engaging in the creative process itself. I started making functional pottery late in my life and found that ceramics provide the perfect vehicle for self-discovery and expression.

The dance between curiosity and obsession with particular forms fuels constant change in my work. Living in possibility and yet being rooted in the present time focus of making objects gives both freedom and the necessary constraints to nourish the creative endeavor. By remaining open to both failure and success, by following my curiosity, and by paying attention to seemingly random attractions, I discover and realize my voice in ceramics.

I see myself embedded within an enormous cultural history of artists in all mediums, times, and places. I have a particular fondness for Japanese paper, fabric, gardens, and pottery. Flowers, branches, and water delight my eye as do the strong geometries of urban architecture that surround my neighborhood in downtown Minneapolis.

-Julia Colman Timm